Suppliers to the Public Sector

We are the leader in Europe for the management and acquisition of debts owed to suppliers by public-sector bodies.

Non-Recourse Factoring

Our non-recourse factoring is IAS-US GAAP-compliant and certified by major auditing companies. Receivables, including tax credits for Italy and Spain, are fully assigned to BFF, thus enabling them to be derecognised.

This is an end-to-end financial solution: we can manage, based on the client’s specific requirements, the entire collection process for assigned credits. We pay out the nominal value of the assigned receivables on a pre-arranged date, net of the all-inclusive fee. We also offer the option to sign multi-country agreements across the various territories in which we operate.



  • Reduced risk of late payment: the credit assignment is permanent, so the supplier is not responsible in the event of non-payment by public-sector bodies
  • Fully customisable operations
  • Revolving and One Shot
  • No credit limits by country, region or debtor
  • No blacklist in the public sector 
  • Fixed and transparent costs: all-in fee 


  • Cash-flow planning
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved balance ratios 
  • Enhanced company rating 
  • Immediate liquidity 
  • DSO improvement



Our non-recourse factoring service can be integrated with a set of modular services that can be customised to meet the client’s specific set of requirements:



The tax receivables in question are fully assigned to BFF, thus freeing up financial resources to invest in such core-business areas as: VAT; corporation tax (IRES); the Tobin Tax; excise duty on oil products; tax receivables for Research & Development; and corporation tax receivables due to regional income tax (IRAP) deductions.



Financial solutions for companies that supply capital equipment to local government and national health authorities. These solutions can be calibrated to meet the client’s needs and customised for the following sectors: Energy, Heating, Gas, Water, Communication Networks and Healthcare.

BFF provides immediate liquidity to match the initial investment made by the client and covers the sums owed for the supply of services, maintenance operations, etc.



Innovative, win-win solutions for both clients and suppliers, which are easy to extend across the entire supply chain, including non-recourse credit assignment with access to the Dynamic Discount platform, allowing companies to access additional liquidity to offer their suppliers an advance payment service, set against a cash discount, on the basis of their shared liquidity needs.



A financial instrument for companies that rely on local distribution networks in order to provide goods or services to public-sector bodies or national health authorities – a simple, useful solution for both manufacturers and distributors.